Practice Information

We are located at Boerhaaveplein 110 in Utrecht. Our front door requires a code. Please message the shala for instructions if you are new and do not have it.

• Bring and take care of your own mat. We do keep a few on hand in case you forget your own or need to borrow one as you get started. No charge.
• Wear comfortable clothing you can move in and expect to practice without shoes and socks. A shower the night before or the morning of practice keeps the space fresh for everyone.
• Keep unneeded items off the practice room floor. This will keep the space tidy for all practitioners. Bring water but keep bottles in your bag for before and after practice—you don’t want to cool the heat you are creating during your asana practice . As a regular practitioner, it is important to stay hydrated during the day so that you won’t need water during practice.
• As a new Mysore student, you can walk in at any time that we are open during the week, 6:00-9:00, as long as you finish by 9:00. This is not a 3 hour class. Your first visit might be 30-40 minutes if you are new to the sequence. This will lengthen with time. There is no set start time like in a led yoga class. Beginners are welcome–don’t be shy!
• Hours posted are opening and closing times for the shala space. Please leave yourself enough time to complete your practice before 9. Backbend by 8:45, finish the closing postures and rest by 9.
• If one morning you have less time for practice, come in anyway! It is better to get on the mat to do a little practice than to do nothing or feel rushed to get everything in. Practice for as long as you can and leave time for rest. This is how a life-long practice is sustained. Do what you can, move on with your day.
• It is recommended to take days off from practice during the first days of menstruation as you see fit. Some people find the days before the period to be most intense, others at different times of the cycle, such as during ovulation. With time, you will be able to feel the energy change and decide for yourself what works best. I am happy to discuss this with you, including issues around hormones, pre and post menopause, and pregnancy. We all have different cycles that will affect the subtle aspects of daily practice uniquely.
• This is a 5-6 day a week practice depending on how the moon days fall. Do your best to come as often as is sustainable for your schedule. At the shala, we observe Sundays and the new and full moon days as rest days. We are closed on these days. They are listed on this website. Otherwise, the benefits of this method come from regular attendance on your mat. The postures were not designed to be done occasionally, and you’ll benefit from regular practice. However, rest is also important. The discipline to take rest is sometimes as difficult as the discipline to practice. Respect our days off! If you are practicing consistently, you will want to take rest.
• If you are actively sick, coughing or sneezing, do not come in for practice. Take home practice if you feel the movement benefits you but coming into the space with symptoms is not respectful of other students. If you are sick with a fever, do not practice, as it brings more heat to the body. Typically, if you feel sickness coming on, this is the time for rest, to allow the lymphatic system to do its job. You’ll recover faster!
• Avoid eating at least 2 hours before practice. If possible, morning practice is best done on an empty stomach.
• Let the teacher know of any relevant injuries or issues.
• Turn off cell phones, watches, and mobile devices. Be quiet and keep your energy close as you enter and exit.